The Los Angeles Christian School will equip and empower the next generation of Christian leaders in the city.


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LACS Legacy

Students have a strong academic foundation for entering high school

Several LACS students have been accepted to private high schools and are excelling

Many alumni earn their degrees from universities all over the country

Alumni have sent their own children to LACS

Several alumni have returned to teach at LACS

Academic Competence is achieved by:

Hiring dedicated and talented teachers

Limiting class sizes to 16 students or less

Teaching a rigorous curriculum that meets state standards

Upholding high standards for all

Utilizing current technology

Participating in enriching field trips and experiences

Christian Character is formed by:

Integrating Biblical principles throughout the academic curriculum

Memorizing Scripture at all grade levels

Teaching God’s Word in classes, weekly chapels and discipleship groups

Engaging in local and global service opportunities

Intentionally investing in students’ lives

Self Confidence is fostered by:

Recognizing students’ academic success

Establishing students’ sense of identity in Christ

Providing public speaking opportunities to all students

Empowering students to lead others

Community is cultivated by:

Supporting each other through life challenges and joys

Celebrating achievements and accomplishments

Loving relationships among staff, students, and parents

Sharing experiences as a school community

Encouraging a socially, emotionally, and physically safe environment
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