Brittany S., LACS Parent

My family and I came to LACS when my daughter was in kindergarten. My kids are learning about Jesus and getting an education at the same time. I couldn’t ask for more. Since the pandemic, the teachers have been extra supportive as this distant learning is new to us all and a strain socially. So grateful to have found such an amazing group of people to help me raise my kids as I am a single parent. I have three amazing kids and we are all impacted by LACS. They go the extra mile for us and it makes a big difference.

Isabella M., Alumni 2019

LACS is so much more than just a learning facility, it is a whole community of teachers, students and staff who truly want to see the best for you and will help you achieve that at all cost. It is incredibly significant in the best way possible, for the people within it are determined to shape their students to be fierce and godly young men and women who seek their dreams. Every teacher I have had at LACS since 1st grade has contributed to constructing the amazing young women that I am today. I cannot express how grateful I am for the community I have at this school and the long lasting impact it has had on my life. Once you are in the LACS family, you are in it forever.

Jami G, LACS Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher

I first came to LACS as a student teacher, and from my very first day I could tell that there was something special about this school. The warm welcome I received from the staff, students and families instantly made me feel at home in this community. In a short amount of time I fell in love with the school, and am so grateful that God provided the opportunity for me to come back to teach here full-time! Getting to know and spend time with groups of students outside of the classroom is one of the most special and unique parts of teaching here. LACS is a wonderful place to grow in confidence, creativity, character and faith.

Silvia O., LACS Parent

The Orellana Ovalle Family has been blessed through LACS since 2000 when our first daughter entered Kindergarten. Over the years our second and third son, who is currently in the 7th grade, have also attended LACS. LACS has been an important part of the foundation of growth and development for my children’s lives and our entire family. LACS is a school with a family atmosphere that gives us the opportunity to be an active part in the education of our children, working in the physical, spiritual, educational, emotional area. LACS has been a blessing!! Thank you very much.

Ryan C., former LACS Teacher, current LACS parent

LACS is more than a place to teach. It is a family in which the call to “bear each other’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2) is lived out on a daily basis. In this incredible and unique community, families and teachers support each other inside and outside of school. As a teacher and father of two LACS students, I know that a quality Christian education in the city is invaluable. Seeing the successes of my former students and the godly support that my children receive are greater than any paycheck I could ever receive.

Yoali A., LACS Parent

The Los Angeles Christian School has been a great blessing for me and for my 2 girls. From the first day they arrived at LACS, my girls told me that they felt very happy and that they want to continue in LACS because in the first place they talk about the Bible and because their teachers love Jesus Christ. My oldest child has gone to great lengths to be diligent to turn in her homework on time. She has worked hard to improve her reading, the teachers are patient, and my girl loves LACS because public schools are not like that.

Bob D., Principal of Los Angeles Christian School, 1992-2002, 2021-present

When I was the assistant principal of a large, public inner-city school only a few blocks from Los Angeles Christian School, our school had a party to celebrate when the reading scores for our 1st grade students had risen to the 16th percentile. Shortly after I became the principal of LACS, I found out that the 1st grade reading scores for the LACS students were at the 85th percentile! Same students from the same neighborhood with drastically different results testified to what was possible when you have committed Christian teachers, small class sizes and parental support.

Rachel H., former LACS Teacher

Coming to teach at LACS is unlike any other school I’ve taught at or been a part of. Our school is more than just a school, it’s a community. I love that we have small class sizes, which helps me know my students better and ensure they each get the help they need. Some of my favorite parts of LACS include going camping, movie nights, retreats or other events outside of school. I love that LACS encourages teachers to engage with students on a relational level. It truly is a special place to be a part of.

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