From Bold Vision to a Legacy of Impact
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1965 - World Impact Bible Clubs

World Impact, Inc had been running Bible clubs for children in the inner-city of Los Angeles since 1965, with a vision of developing young disciples of Christ who would grow to be Christian leaders in their community.

However, as the World Impact missionaries worked with countless children in the Bible Clubs, it was glaringly obvious that they were not getting the education in their public schools that they would need to be well educated followers of Christ.

It was clear that if World Impact was going to achieve its vision to raise up well educated, confident Christian leaders that they were going to have to deal with the problem of a quality, safe education.

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Early 1980s - A Bold Vision

So, the Founder and President of World Impact, Dr. Keith Phillips, had a bold vision – start a quality Christian School in the inner-city of Los Angeles that would be affordable for the families they were ministering to.

This was clearly a vision of faith as World Impact had no school building, no teachers, and no way to fund this school.

Dr. Phillips recruited the retired parents of a World Impact missionary to leave their home and Kansas and come to Los Angeles to serve as the first teachers, principal, and custodians of the new Los Angeles Christian School.

1982 - LACS Opens

In 1982, the Los Angeles Christian School opened with kindergarten and first grade classes. However, they were unsure if any families would send their children to this new, experimental school. But, a small group of parents took that leap of faith and sent their children to this new Christian School, and the Lord blessed their children and the Los Angeles Christian School. A new grade level was added each year as the Lord sent missionary teachers to teach and new students and families to attend.

1989 - LACS Middle School is Built

In 1989, World Impact acquired a property across the street to build a middle school.

Since 1990, the Los Angeles Christian School has provided students from K-8th grade with a rigorous education, Bible classes and scripture memorization, and special classes in Technology Education, Art, and Music, and the legacy of successful empowerment was established.

2021 - LACS becomes its own non-profit

In 2021, World Impact generously assisted the Los Angeles Christian School as it became its own non-profit organization to continue this legacy of success and impact on the next generation.

Present Day - The Vision Bears Fruit

  • Students leave LACS with a solid foundation for their future.
  • After graduating from LACS, several students were accepted and received scholarships to attend excellent private Christian High Schools.
  • Many former students have gone on to graduate from excellent colleges and are serving their communities in many professions.
  • Former students are now sending their own children to LACS.
  • Several former LACS students have returned to serve as teachers at the school.

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